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        ...the best lace front wig i have ever purchased.. - Melissa M., Atlanta, GA
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The lease for the showroom has ended and is currently closed. Thank you for all your support all these years. Please add your email and phone number for updates

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1. What is the difference between an Invisiwig and a regular wig?
An Invisiwig is the most undetectable wig on the market. The entire base of the wig is made of lace that is matched to the scalp color so that the hair actually looks like it is coming from your head. A wig is not suppose to look like a wig and an Invisiwig accomplishes this.

Also, unlike inferior wigs, an Invisiwig can also be parted anywhere, styled in any way, or worn in a high ponytail just like your real hair. An Invisiwig is made of 100% finest quality human hair.

When you order an Invisiwig, it is completely custom fitted to the measurements of your head.

2. Where is Invisiwig located?
Invisiwig's store is located at 730A Sunrise Highway, Balwin, NY 11510. It is a 40 minute drive from Manhattan or easily accessible by Long Island Rail Road from Penn Station. We are located across the street from the train station.

We also currently distribute our Invisiwigs through our call center, salon distributors, and independent representatives.

3. Is an Invisiwig a front lace wig?
No, an Invisiwig is far superior than a front lace wig. While only the base of a front lace wig has lace in the front of the wig, an Invisiwig has its entire base made of lace. This makes the wig much more time consuming to make but also makes it look more lightweight and real. An Invisiwig is far more flexible than a front lace wig in terms of styling. It can be parted anywhere and can also be worn in a high ponytail whereas a front lace wig cannot.

4. Do you hold classes?
Yes. We teach a variety of classes. To see the current classes, click here

5. How much is an Invisiwig?
The retail price of an Invisiwig starts at $499.

6. I have Alopecia or am bald due to chemotherapy. Is an Invisiwig right for me?
Yes! An Invisiwig is the perfect product for you.

7. Can I color the wig?
Your Invisiwig is 100% human hair so it can be treated as such. You can color or style it in any way. However, additional color processing is generally not recommended since it can damage the hair and should only be attempted by experienced stylists.

8. If I order a wig with wavy texture, can i straighten it (or vice versa)
Your Invisiwig is 100% human hair so it can be treated as such. You can color or style it in any way.

9. I am partially bald. Do you have partials/closures?
Yes, we do carry these units.

10. Do you offer overnight shipping?
Yes, we offer fedex overnight. The cost is $45 and the order must be placed before 3pm Tuesday - Friday to arrive the following day.

11. Do you repair and refill wigs?
The Manhattan store will have a full time wig repair person on staff. Pricing is dependant on the extent of the damage and amount of hair needed to repair the wig.

12. What type of hair is an Invisiwig made of?
Highest quality Indian Remy hair.

13. What are the sizes of your stock wigs?
Stock wigs come in generic sizings of small, medium, and large. A Medium size is considered 22"- 22.5" in circumference measurement. Anything below 22" is a Small and anything above 22.5" is a Large.