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        ...the best lace front wig i have ever purchased.. - Melissa M., Atlanta, GA
invisiwig lace wig


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INVISIWIG Wig Caps - 4 different shades and highly durable. (left to right): Tan, Coco Caramel, Foxy Brown, Ebony Brown - $12.95 each

Regular Wig Caps in various shades --->


Enlarged view of wig caps above


  Please note that the following adhesives below estimate the duration of hold. Results will vary depending on an individual’s body chemistry.  
Ultra Hold Glue


Ultra Hold Glue is an acrylic based adhesive. It should have an approximate 2-3 week hold.


$ 34.95
1 oz


No Tape is a great silicone-based adhesive. It adheres more naturally to the body than acrylic. It has an approximate 2-3 week hold.


1 oz

Daily Wear Wig Tape


This type of wig tape is for individuals who would like to take their wig on and off every day. The Blue Lace front support tape can last for approximately 1-5 days.


36 strips per pack

Extended Wear Wig Tape

Pro-Flex II s a stronger tape than the Blue Lace front support tape, designed for extended wear . It should last for 3-7 days.


36 strips per pack

Scalp Protector


Scalp Protector can be used in conjunction with adhesives to improve adhesion to the skin. It protects against hot and humid weather, oily skin, and sweating.




***These removers are used to clean adhesives from the lace wigs.
Walker Tape Lace Release


Lace Release is an alcohol-based remover. This product reduces the chance of damaging the lace by releasing tape adhesives from the hair and skin. Non-oily.


$19.95 per 8 oz

$7.95 per 1 oz

C22 Solvent


C22 Solvent is a fast acting cleaner for the scalp and lace wigs. C-22 Solvent, an oil-based remover, is gentle on the skin and can rinse off with soap and water.



$19.95 per 8 oz

$7.95 per 1 oz

TOPSOL Adhesive Solvent


TOPSOL Adhesive Solvent is used to remove adhesive residue from the lace as well as on the skin. Used in conjunction with NO TAPE.


$5.95 per 4 oz